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positive affirmations

I Am…..! A quick, simple, yet highly powerful and effective journal writing exercise.

Our life experience tends to be the things we think about, focus on, appreciate, and feel strongly about. Why not affirm (make stronger) the things we want to have in our life?

This is a simple and powerful exercise for our journal writing. Simply state: “I Am __” ! And write.

What are you? Who are you? Own it. Declare it. Affirm it. Now!

I can’t wait to do this.

Let’s see…

I Am:

1. Healthy!

2. a writer!

3. a lover!

4. a teacher!

5. well rested and vibrant!

6. irresistible!

7. at peace!

8. enjoying abundance!

9. happy!

10. thankful for my family, job, and all of my friends here engaging at The Warm Milk Journal!

This little exercise took very little time and yet I feel fantastic and affirmed. I highly recommend it.

Your turn, Dear friends!

In Peace,


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I will be at my ease today if I remember to do these ten things.

I Am setting an intention to be at my ease today!

I am at my ease when:

1. I find ways to bend and flow rather than bust and break,

2. In order to do the above, I remember to stay anchored with my faith: faith in God, life, and myself. Life works with me!

3. Determination is fine, but I don’t need to try too hard. If I keep pushing, I just may be pushing away the thing I want most.

4. I remember to focus on what is the most important thing- one at a time.

5. Remember to live in day tight compartments, one day at a time.

6. Visualize the life of my dreams, feel thankful for it now, and release it.

7. Don’t stress about the little stuff

8. Accept others for where they are and who they are (including myself). We are all doing our best with what we have.

9. Remember to exercise and stretch

10. Above all, don’t take anything too seriously.

In Peace,


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I Am sure of myself! A journal writing exercise.

What we think about and focus on grows. In your journal today, write on the top of your entry: “I Am sure of myself”!

Then write! Write about all the good things you are doing with your life. Write about all the dreams you are making come true. What are some accomplishments and achievements that you feel proud about? Write them down! What are you good at? What are your strengths?

Before I sign off, I will have to have a go at this one… Let’s see…

I Am sure of myself!

1. I Am sure that I Am a writer. My calling and passion is to write!

2. I Am sure that I am loved.

3. I Am sure that I am making a difference in others lives as a writer, blogger, mom, wife, friend, and teacher.

4. I Am sure that I have the talent and abilities to make my dreams come true.

5. I Am sure that I can’t fail so long as I keep working, learning, and persevering!

6. I Am proud of running the Honolulu Marathon at age 15, graduating from law school, having my children, becoming a teacher, and creating The Warm Milk Journal.

I will finish in my private journal.

Now it’s your turn, Dear confident friend…

In Peace,


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Three affirmations to keep you balanced and less anxious

These are three affirmations that I use to help keep me feel centered. I affirm them when I take walks, ride my bike, write in my journal, and when I first turn off the light and go to sleep at night.

They are:

I Am safe

I have enough

I Am enough!

In Peace,


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Three simple yet very empowering affirmations that work (if you use them).

This evening I offer you three powerful yet simple affirmations that really work. Write them in your journals. Think them. Believe them.

1. I Am in charge of my finances.

2. I Am safe.

3. I Am love.

In peace,


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Three positive affirmations and one intention to start the day

I Am healthy

I Am enough

I Am whole and perfect just as I am.

I Am setting an intention to go at an easy pace today and not do so much rushing around.

Try these intentions and affirmations on this morning or come up with your own. You are in control of your day. It does not have to be the other way around. If we set a positive tone at the outset of the day, we have a better chance of positive outcomes for the day. Try it!

Have a blessed day,


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Five ways to be affirmed

The definition of affirmation is “Something declared to be true; a positive statement or judgment”.

We all need to be affirmed. When we are affirmed we feel supported and the vision we have for our lives gets strengthened.

Ways to be affirmed:
1. Writing positive affirmations in the present tense with a strong declaratory voice. Really feel it. For example: “I Am Now a published writer making an excellent living”. You can add extra oomph to your positive affirming declaration by then giving thanks for it. So: “I feel so thankful that I Am Now a published writer making an excellent living. Thank you!”
2. We feel affirmed when we are encouraged by others. Choose who you spend time with. That is so important! Have in your life loving,supportive, and positive people.
3. Be a loving, supportive, and positive person yourself! Don’t fall into the trap of negativity or self pity. We get more of what we put out there.
4. Stretch out of your comfort zone and actually take action on doing some of the things you’ve always wanted to do! It is amazing how much confidence you will feel when you do something that you at first may have been hesitant or scared to do. You will then feel more courage to stretch again, and again….
5. Who are you? Who are you really. I made up some business cards about a month ago that have The Warm Milk Journal name on it, and my name with the word underneath my name, “writer”. That is who I Am. I Am a writer! I keep one of these cards on my bedside table, on my computer desk, dining room table, in my car, I use them for bookmarks, and I have a stack in my purse that I am more and more passing out to people. I am affirming myself as a writer! Powerful stuff.

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.

– William Arthur Ward

We are what we think. All that we are arises. With our thoughts, we make our world

– Buddha

A blessed day to you,


Source for quotes: Self Improvement

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Considering challenges as a gift: a healing concept

What if we took challenges and things that we perceive as an “issue” or a “problem” and reframed them in terms of being a gift instead? What would then happen?

Are there issues or challenges in your life that you can reframe and begin seeing the gifts in them rather than a problem or something to be sad or angry about?

Secondly, is there anybody in your life (including yourself) that could benefit from healing energy? For example, maybe you know someone who is under the weather or has a serious illness. Whether it is a cold or cancer, perhaps it would be helpful to think of them as healthy and well rather as sick. I don’t think sick people or poor people or anybody under distress need our pity. What they need is affirmation of their wholeness and health and prosperity.

In Peace,


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Five affirmations for when you are feeling a little afraid or unsure of yourself.

For those of us with anxiety issues, we often get little pangs of self doubt, un-ease, worry, or outright panic. For tonight and anytime you are feeling a little afraid, unsure of yourself, or uneasy… here are five affirmations for you…

I AM enough.

I AM safe.

I AM where I am supposed to be right now.

I AM supported.

I AM loved. 

In Peace,


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Strengthening your “assertiveness muscle” for less anxiety, more confidence, and sounder sleep.

Anxiety can be caused by not asserting ourselves. Many of us are “nice” and as a result more timid than we would like to be. We give in to others’ wishes over our own and then later kick ourselves for not standing up and asserting our ideas, wishes, needs, etc. Over time anxiety and regret can take hold and this is not an optimal way to live.

Some of us may be more extroverted than others. That does not mean that we all don’t have a voice. What are some ways we can exercise and strengthen our “assertiveness muscle?”.

This morning I am going to encourage you to think about how you will assert yourself more in your daily life.

Today I have already set an intention to stand up for myself.

In my journal, I have jotted down a few ideas, such as:

1. Ask for help and support at work.

2. Express my opinions more verbally.

3. Promote myself and what I have to offer more

4. Don’t put up with bad behavior from others.

5. Believe in myself and know that the world needs to hear me.

6. I am living from a space of integrity and authenticity. What others’ think does not matter.

7. Do not ask for opinions or permission from others- simply take action.

8. Be a squeaky wheel if I need to be.

I will stop here. Your turn! In your journals, write down any ways that being timid and not taking action for yourself has affected your life. Note some ideas for you to assert yourself more.

Positive affirmations help as well. You can write things like:

I AM strong.

I AM confident.

I AM important.

The World needs to hear me.

What others think does not matter or is none of my concern.

I AM creating the life I want to live beginning now by taking action and asserting myself.

Have a blessed day,


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