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not being able to sleep

It was one of those nights: a descent into insomnia hell

Last night was just one of those nights: I could not sleep. I am sitting here with my coffee writing this feeling pretty blurry eyed.

I’m not sure what the problem was. I wasn’t suffering from any anxiety or worrying. I was feeling warm, my boyfriend was snoring a lot, we had eaten a late dinner, and I was feeling emotional about it being my sixteen year old son’s birthday…

Alas, it was just one of those nights. I finally at some point did get up for a little while: drank some almond milk, ate a mango, wrote in my journal a bit, and stretched gently on the floor with my cat, Mew. That got me sleepy again. so I returned to bed ready to drift off to sleep and of course my boyfriend begins his loud snoring again. Sigh…

Last night makes me feel thankful for how well I usually sleep. Thankfully I don’t have these kinds of sleepless nights frequently. How lousy I feel right now does inspire me to continue developing this site, The Warm Milk Journal. We do feel so much better when we sleep well. I will continue this project and I hope those of you who are reading my posts here and following me on Twitter are finding value in it.

I welcome any feedback you have: what kinds of posts and tweets you find the most useful, etc.

I know that one night of insomnia will not kill me. A nap a little later may be part of the plan for the day.

Take care and have a blessed day,

Debra : )

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