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    Meet Debra DiPietro

    I started The Warm Milk Journal back in 2010 on a free WordPress platform as a way to reach out to other people that may be suffering from insomnia and anxiety.

    At the time, I was a school teacher, mom, and just plain worn out. I knew I was not the only one feeling stress from daily life and losing precious sleep at night.

    What started out as a blog about insomnia became much more - I realized that getting a good night sleep was more than just how comfortable our bedrooms were or not drinking caffeine too late in the day, etc. The more research I did, the more feedback I got from our readers, and the things I did in my own daily life revealed that how we spend our days greatly affects the quality of sleep we have at night.

    Our diets, our spiritual lives, our attitudes, how much exercise we get, and so much more play a role at bedtime.


    What Can You Expect To Find At The Warm Milk Journal?

    • Tips for insomnia

    • Interviews from sleep experts

    • Inspirational essays about living the life of our dreams

    • Journal writing prompts

    • Meditation and breathing exercises

    • Quotes, prayers, and poetry that promote a peaceful and loving state.

    • Books, Online Courses, Play Shops, and Give Anxiety the Boot! Camps 

    • Encouragement, support, and love. You are not alone!



  • The Warm Milk Journal Made the Top 100 List!

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  • Announcing My New Book with Blue Mountain Arts!

    Short Morning Prayers

    A Collection of Heartfelt Prayers to Start Your Day

    How you spend your first few minutes after waking up each morning can greatly affect the rest of your day. Taking a little time for introspection and prayer makes it easier to be more focused and productive, leaving you feeling peaceful, uplifted, and ready for whatever lies ahead. This book features a variety of universal prayers for different circumstances, moods, and challenges, as well as several open-ended prayers that you can tailor to whatever you are feeling or experiencing at any given moment.


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