A Collection of Heartfelt Prayers to Start Your Day

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    The Secret To Feeling A Sense Of Love And Peace That Sustains You All Day Long

    How you spend your first few minutes after waking up each morning can greatly affect the rest of your day. Taking a little time for introspection and prayer makes it easier to be more focused and productive, leaving you feeling peaceful, uplifted, and ready for whatever lies ahead.


    This paperback book features a variety of universal prayers for different circumstances, moods, and challenges, as well as several open-ended prayers that you can tailor to whatever you are feeling or experiencing at any given moment. It only takes a minute or two to improve your entire day, so start your morning with a simple, heartfelt prayer, and see what a difference it can make.


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    Bonus 1 A Collection of Evening Verses

    You are tired, you’ve put in a day... it is time to put your feet up, stop thinking and doing, and just relax. Breathe...BE... Ahhhh


    Children get read bedtime stories and bedtime verses when it is time to go to sleep. I think we adults need a little down time as well. Allow yourself to be pampered as you read these short verses.


    This collection is about saying good bye to a well-lived day, and welcoming the much needed rest and peace that night time brings.

    30 Days of Daily Morning Prayers

    A simple prayer can accomplish so much - it’s a chance to express gratitude, ask for help, seek comfort, find answers, set an intention, sending caring thoughts to someone in need, or give thanks for the many blessing in your life.


    Perhaps most importantly, when you express your worries, thoughts and feelings through prayer, a weight is lifted and you are filled with love and peace that will sustain you all day long.


    These morning prayers will arrive in your email's inbox every day for 30 days.

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  • About The Author

    About Author Debra DiPietro

    Debra DiPietro hails from Atlantic Beach, Florida. Her passion and life purpose is to inspire others with her words, which she does in part through her popular blog, The Warm Milk Journal. Debra holds degrees in communication, education, and law.

  • More Kind Words From A Reader

    "Waking up to a morning prayer from Debra at The Warm Milk Journal does exactly
    what it is supposed to do. It's like an early morning visit from a friend or Guardian Angel.
    Setting all things right.....guiding the beginning of my day.....making all things positive."

    - Rose Littlefield

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    Bonus #1 - Night, Nurture Me... A Collection Of Evening Verses From The Warm Milk Journal (an ebook)


    Bonus #2 - 30 Days Of Daily Morning Prayers Delivered To Your Inbox


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