Short Morning Prayers

Release date: March 17, 2017! To be part of a special Spring collection from Blue Mountain Arts.

Short morning prayers is a collection of universal prayers that cover a variety of situations, plus fill in the blank prayers you can tailor to whatever is unique to you at any given instant. You'll be encouraged to ask questions, reflect on the big and little things in life, express your deepest hopes, make personal request, and send well wishes to your loved ones and to the world. It only takes A couple of minutes to improve your entire day... So start your morning with a simple, heartfelt prayer, and see what a difference it can make.


Goodness Gracious

What comes to mind when you are asked, what are you thankful for? Maybe you think of friends and loved ones, your beautiful home, or other blessings in your life. But what about things like bills, taxes, waiting in long lines, and noisy neighbors?

Goodness Gracious! Will help you find the good in every situation. It touches on the universal ups, downs, and inevitable occurrences in life, while offering you concrete ways to show your appreciation for whatever you may encounter.

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