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journal writing

Life is too short for… a fun journal writing exercise


I thought we would have a little fun this evening. At the start of our journal entry we are going to write “Life is too short for…” and simply write and see what comes out. There is something about doing this exercise (quickly, without reservation or judgement) that brings into our consciousness what is important to us. I just love it! I even quite a while ago started a Pinterest Board with this idea.

One of the fun things is your list may be different depending on the time of day, day of the week, or whatever may be currently going on… however, I reckon there are a few things that are so important to you that will always make this list whenever you choose to do this exercise.

Are you ready to have some fun?

As I sometimes do, I will get started with my own entry (it is the teacher in me that comes out) and then you get started with yours. Deal?

Okay, here we go….(remember to write the first things that come to mind)

Life is too short for:

1. Staying angry

2. Working at a dead-end job

3. Staying in bad relationships

4. Bad coffee

5. Bad beer

6. cheap mattresses

7. hanging out with sketchy people

8. watching bad TV shows

9. Caring about the “bad news” in mainstream media

10. not eating chocolate once in a while…

Your turn. Have fun (this is a really good one)!

In Peace,


girl with writing-book and pen on a sky background

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Two reasons to write and three journal prompts for this Wednesday evening


Why write?

How about: writing gets out nervous energy, creative energy, inspired energy, and spiritual energy.

Why write?

Writing puts us in touch with what is inside of us and connects us to something more real than our artificial man-made gadgets can give us.

Now that we have a few reasons to write, what shall we write about?

Let’s see…

How about:

1. List everything that you feel proud of

2. Write down something you find yourself pondering about – what do you wonder about? (perhaps it is something that Google can not even help you with).

3. What do you love?

That’s it. Happy writing friends!

In Peace,



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What makes us laugh? Tonight’s journal writing exercise

Laughter is an instant vacation. ~ Milton Berle


Tonight, I simply ask you what makes you laugh. Laughter is good for us! When we laugh, our bodies and spirits let go of the day’s concerns and we are in the moment ( much like children are).

I will start…

What makes me laugh…

1. When I know I have done something stupid

2. Old shows from my childhood such as I Love Lucy and I Dream of Jeannie

3. My cats and their antics

4. The behavior of my teenager (when I am not angry I can find it most amusing).

5. When same teenager says certain things, it just triggers me into a laughing, crying, hysterical mess…

Okay, Dear friends, your turn… what makes you laugh…?


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A list of things we love: tonight’s journal writing entry

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

So, what we focus on grows. Why not focus on what we love? For those of you who have been around here awhile, you know I love lists for our journal writing. Why lists? I think because it is an exercise that just has us write! Not too much thinking, just feel and write. Don’t worry about editing (for the list is for your eyes alone unless you choose to share like me, lol). This kind of free writing gets a lot of interesting things out of us. We may be affirmed or surprised.. no matter. It is all good. Just write!

There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved. It is God’s finger on man’s shoulder. ~Charles Morgan

Are we ready? List as many things that come to you when you answer this question:

What do I love?

I love:

1. Chocolate!
2. Beautiful Florida Fall evenings such as this one
3. Being creative
4. Writing
5. My cat
6. My husband
7. My children
8. Jacksonville, Florida
9. Hawaii
10. Good movies
11. The outdoors
12. Bikram yoga
13. Walking
14. Adventure
15. French wine
16. The French language
17. My job
18. My friends

I am going to make myself stop here and finish in my private journal for this is about you, and I want you to get started.

Love you.



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Five questions to ask yourself for a better night sleep, part 2

daydreaming beautiful young woman lying on pillow

Last night we asked ourselves these five questions:

1. Do I love my bedroom?

2. When I turn the light out, do I feel content with how the day went?

3. Do I have at least one thing that I am really looking forward to?

4. Do I feel appreciated at home and at work?

5. Am I taking care of my body?

Why these questions?

1. Our physical environment is very important. Our bedroom needs to be a calm place to retreat to. There are many things we can do to make this space more conducive to sleep. What did you write down in your journals? Feel free to share your thoughts here in the comments section or on our Facebook page. I have many ideas which I will go into in a near-future post.

2. How did your day go? The more we feel good about our days the less time at night we will spend tossing and turning.

3. Anticipation is so sweet and we need to have things to look forward to about the next day when we turn in for the night. Drifting off with these happy thoughts about the good things in store for us the next day will get us to sleep quicker so that we may enjoy that wondrous new day we are looking forward to (this really beats dreading the next day which many of us unfortunately do).

4. Feeling valued is a fundamental human need. If you are not feeling valued and appreciated at home and/or at work what needs to change? Write your thoughts down and take some action.

5. A healthy body will sleep better at night and function well during the day.

So how did you do or how are you doing?

Wishing you a restful night tonight and every night.


In Peace,


2012-01-04 02.41.52

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Having trouble sleeping? Here are five questions to ask yourself!

can't sleep

If you are tired of losing sleep at night, I invite you to ask yourself these five questions right now:

1. Do I love my bedroom?

2. When I turn the light out, do I feel content with how the day went?

3. Do I have at least one thing that I am really looking forward to?

4. Do I feel appreciated at home and at work?

5. Am I taking care of my body?

There are many more questions that can come from these basic five but this is a good start. Get out your journal and write a few thoughts down.

Once you start writing you may see where I am going with this. Tomorrow, we will continue…

In Peace,



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Keeping a journal to improve our sleep


What would help you sleep tonight?

What would keep you still enough (your body and mind) to allow for a deep, restful night, tonight?

If there are changes you need to make, then start by writing some ideas down. I find keeping a journal helpful. I like to track things like what I ate, my physical activity during the day and early evening, what did I drink? (taking note of water, soda, caffeine, alcohol consumption), how did I feel today (physical and emotional), how much time did I spend outside today? Moving? Sedentary sitting at a desk…

As you can see there are many things that we can log into our journal. After keeping track of these things for say, a week, patterns will inevitably surface and you may be able to pinpoint why you are not sleeping well and make adjustments as needed.

I highly recommend keeping a journal of this kind.

Let me know how you do!

In Peace,


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What are you clear about? A journal writing exercise


What are you really clear about? Clear as mud doesn’t count. We are talking real clear, without a doubt, crystal clear. This kind of clarity breeds confidence, sweet dreams, and dream lives. Isn’t that what we all want here at The Warm milk Journal?

This would make a great journal entry.

Let’s see…

What am I real clear about?

I am clear about:

1. How much I love my husband and how important our marriage is.

2. How much I have the need to be creative and write and inspire others with my words.

3. I am comfortable in my own skin (finally- it is nice to be able to say that and mean it).

4. It is important to me to feel safe and live in a nice area where I don’t have to worry about crime.

5. Life and people are basically good.

6. I am blessed in so many ways.

This is a great exercise and I am going to keep writing now in my private journal. Your turn!

In Peace,


girl with writing-book and pen on a sky background

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Five journal writing prompts for this evening


Monday blues? Cancel! Write instead.

Here we go….

1. What would it take for you to feel enchanted again?

2. When was the last time you danced?

3. What makes you laugh?

4. Write down 4 things you have always wanted to do.

5. Who in your life needs a hug?

In Peace,


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Feeling down? Here are Ten Ways to Pounce on Your Pity Party!

Sad and upset woman deep in thought

Life doesn’t always go accordingly to plan. Highly anticipated events get rained out, people don’t always do what we want or expect, an unexpected expense arises, we get a migraine on our birthday, etc. The list can go on. It can get quite depressing at times if we allow life’s little (or big) curve balls to hijack us.

Today, instead of wallowing in our pity which will only make us feel worst, I offer us ten ways we can pounce on the pity party! Ready?

1. Get your energy up. It is hard to stay down if you are up, outside, moving about. Go out and take a walk or bike ride. Head to the gym and do a Zumba class. Do some jumping jacks in your living room. Move!

2. Call your mom and tell her you love her.

3. Learn something new. Mastering a new skill gives us a sense of accomplishment.

4. Do something for someone else. Helping others gets us out of ourselves and into a more positive mental and emotional state.

5. Cook a hearty pot of soup.

6. Get some laughs. Go out with friends who make you laugh, watch a comedy, read something funny.

7. Get some perspective: When you are on your death bed, how important whatever is bothering or upsetting you now be?

8. Focus on the many ways you are blessed. Write them down in your journal.

9. Pray. Sometimes just turning things over to a higher power is very comforting.

10. Practicing acceptance. Change is a constant. We can’t control that. What we can control is how we react to change.


In Peace,


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