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Are You Your Worst Enemy?  

· empowerment,Confidence,positive living

You might be your worst enemy if you:

1. Tell yourself you are not good enough

2. Talked yourself out of an awesome idea and dream

3. Surround yourself with negative underachieving types who keep you down (along with themselves)

4. Take on too much and let your precious energy get scattered

5. Don't give yourself permission to just relax and BE.

If you are about to rat yourself out, it is not too late to turn this all around and be your best ally.

How to do that, you ask?

How about start with:

1. Starting your day with a prayer of thanks. Keep it simple. Wake up and say thank you.

2. Focus on being kind to yourself and others.

3. If you mess up, own it - but move on. Life doesn't stop with every "misstep". It gets better if you keep the momentum moving forward and not get stuck. There is no such thing as failure. If you are "failing" you are a big wonderful success because that means you are actually out there doing things (as opposed to the 90% of folks who take no action at all).  

Are you an enemy or an ally? Do you keep yourself down or lift yourself up? The choice is yours.

In Peace,


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