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Writing in Your Dream Journal

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One of my favorite types of journal writing is creating and writing in a “dream journal”. This is a wonderful journal to write in first thing in the morning when you are first waking up and right before bedtime when you are starting to drift into a sleepy state.

In my dream journal, I enjoy:

1. Drawing and coloring with my pastels and colored charcoal pencils. I don’t think. I just create and play with the lines and colors…

2. Writing poetry

3. Free writing: anything that comes out.

4. A short story

5. My current dreams for my life

6. If I am writing late at night it is fun to recall dreams I have had recently or sometimes in this state I can tap into dreams I may have had many years ago.

7. Write down a question, and then close my journal, turn off the light and go to sleep.


Now you give it a try.

Sweet Dreams,




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