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When Anxiety Knocks on the  Door...

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When anxiety knocks on my door (which it inevitably does from time to time),

I can choose to invite it in or not open the door at all.

I am tempted to open the door (where anxiety waits to be let in) when I am:

1. Not eating well

2. Sleep deprived

3. Questioning myself

4. Worrying about others' opinions

I am more apt to give anxiety the big chill and not even let it's irksome foot in my door when I am:

1. Clear on my values and goals

2. Surround myself with supportive people

3. Eat well

4. Well rested  

To that end,

I encourage us to choose:


The ability to give ourselves permission to just be ourselves !

It might take some courage to stop the worry but in the end, whose life is it anyway...?

In Peace,


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