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What Will Help You Sleep Better Tonight?

· Good Night Sleep

These are challenging times for those of us who simply want to get a good night sleep.

Once upon a time, the "only" issues we might of had that challenged our slumber were:

  1. Too hot or cold bedroom
  2. Uncomfortable bed
  3. Pain or illness
  4. Worry about tomorrow
  5. Regret about the past
  6. A snoring sleep partner
  7. Too much caffeine

Now, we have more to add to the insomnia recipe, including:

  1. Social media
  2. Digital Devices that are in our bed with us...
  3. Crazy politics and current events (don't even want to open that newspaper or turn on our phones)

So the question for us tonight is simply this: What will help us sleep tonight?

Here is the answer:

Listen to your heart, pass on your afternoon stop at Starbucks, and relax....

What do I mean?

Listen to your heart: Live a life that feels authentic to you. Don't worry about what others think. Close your eyes, put your hands on your heart and breathe... Then open your eyes and write in your journal. What surfaces?

Caffeine: So I love Starbucks as much as the next person. Experiment however with your caffeine intake, especially after lunch time. I recently have discovered some delicious herbal teas for my afternoon sipping time...

Relax: Are you a machine or a human being? Does it really matter whether you answered all of your emails, responded to all of the social media posts from your friends, or checked off the daily tasks of your to do list"? I say no, in the bigger picture- these things don't matter much. What does matter is this: that you remember to breathe, take pauses, enjoy little moments in your day that remind you that you are alive (and a human being). Here's a little hint: turn the phone off, go outside and take a walk, look at someone you love or a complete stranger with unconditional love in your eyes...

This is the stuff of sweet dreams...

Good night!


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