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The Power of Home and a Good Night Sleep

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My husband and I purchased a new house recently and moved in a couple of weeks ago. It has been so exciting to get settled into this new space and make it our own. There is a lot of work that needs to be done but it is more and more feeling like home. I feel a great sense of peace being here and coincidentally I am sleeping very restfully too.

I think the more we feel "at home", the better we over all feel. How at home are you feeling in your life?

How are you feeling about:

1. Your physical space you live in?

2. The people and pets you live with?

3. Your neighbors?

4. Your community?

Other questions to consider:

1. Are you feeling at home in your own skin? How do you feel about yourself and your life?

2. Are you at ease when you are socializing?

3. Is your chosen vocation a good fit for you? 

I invite you to write in your journal anything that comes to you about the idea of "home". What does home mean to you?

I like this article by 11 Easy Tips For Creating A Calm and Peaceful Home

Peace is so important to our well being and how well we sleep at night. The more we feel "at home", the more sense of peace we will enjoy. This is definitely worth exploring.

In Peace,


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