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The Circle of Time

and what does it have to do with getting a good night sleep?

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How much of your time do you spend thinking about the past or dreaming about the future?

I know that I am somewhat of a dreamer (my daughter says I am an INFJ whatever that means) and I am very content to spend a lot of time in my head. Now, spinning our dreams into reality is all well and good. I can tell you from personal experience that what I put my focus on and write about in my journals more or less comes true. It is pretty amazing!

A couple of days ago, I started Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey's new 21 day meditation experience: Making Every Moment Matter. I love this message from the first day: The best time of my life is now.

It's interesting. With this new awareness, I am aware even more clearly of all of my blessings. I am surrounded by beauty, love, and abundance if I just choose to experience it. Suddenly, I am out for my walk, listening to You Tube Music and I am drawn to Joni Mitchell's The Circle Game. It is a beautiful melody but it is really about our relationship with time. She sings beautifully about how we are captive on the carousel of time.

Then tonight, after I turn my work day off, I feel drawn to take a book off my shelf which I have not visited in a very long time: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. Hmm... what is life telling me here?

Here are a few thoughts for us tonight (and then I must get dinner on the table. lol).

1. Where are we when we are thinking about the past or ruminating about the future?

2. If you could tell your mind to "stop"! - and you just observed and lived in the moment you have right now.. what would happen?

3. I know that if we are stuck in our heads, we go around and round in the circle game as Joni Mitchell so hauntingly sings about.

You know I am going to invite you to get out your writing journals...

So here are a few prompts to get us out of the "Circle Game" and into the NOW - our present lives (which is all we really have).

1. Write down at least five things that you are thankful for right now.  

2. If there are decisions that you have made out of a sense of duty or to please others, you are given permission right now to give them up or reverse the course. This is your life after all...

3. Our minds can play all kinds of tricks and games on us. We can go round and round like Joni Mitchell sings about.

Yes, time does pass. Seasons come and go. Our children grow up and have lives of their own. Conditions in our lives change. We do get older.

I invite you to ask this question:

How am I timeless or what in my life transcends time?.. And what matters so much that I want this _______ to outlive me?

This may be an uncomfortable question for those of us struggling with our immortality. All I can say is hang in there with me. If you need to, take a walk, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing...

Then open your journal once again and simply ask yourself this: What is really important?

What does this have to do with getting a good night sleep? My friends, I spent years with my monkey mind playing with me. Regretting about the past, worrying about the future... and I say ENOUGH. Can we please stop the spinning and just be here right now?

I invite you to listen to Joni Mitchell's The Circle Game. Listen to it a few times. I think you will get it. Reach out to me or comment here your thoughts. 

In Peace,

Debbie xoxxo

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