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Does Social Media Have to Cause Anxiety?

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So my last post I shared with you about how I decided to take a break from Facebook.

I did, for a few days. Early this morning I reactivated my Facebook account.

Here are my observations:

1. Facebook is a fun and convenient way to share and communicate with people.

2. I am in control of how much I post or check my phone... (personal responsibility comes into play here).

Does social media use cause anxiety?

I think, yes, it can if:

1. You are posting to get validation and others' approval (yep, that whole people pleasing thing can really come into play here if you are not careful).

2. You get in the habit of compulsively checking your phone very frequently.

3. You are on your phone late at night when your body and brain really need to be winding down for optimal sleep.

I say no, social media use does not have to cause anxiety if we:

1. Become aware of how we are using it and practice moderation.

2. Keep our digital devices in another room at bedtime.

3. Spend our time doing healthy and productive activities that do not include social media such as exercise, spending time outdoors, practicing yoga and meditation, writing in our journals, and spending quality time (without our phones) with friends and loved ones.

I wish you all a restful night tonight and every night.

In Peace,


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