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Putting the Pieces Together for a Good Night Sleep

Insomnia have you challenged? Let's solve the puzzle!

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Challenged with insomnia? Let's tackle this together, shall we? Aspiring to get a good night sleep can sometimes feel like we are navigating through a maze or a tough puzzle/mystery to solve... 

I am up for the challenge. Are you? Let us begin!

There are many reasons why people don't sleep well at night.

We will group them into a few categories for simplicity's sake.

1. Situational: (illness, just moved across the country, someone close to you passed away, you lost your job and can't pay the bills, a national crisis of some kind,etc.).

2. Physical: Too hot, too cold, pain, overactive bladder, hot flashes,restless legs, uncomfortable bed,something you ate or drank, noisy neighbors, too much light, etc.

3. Monkey Mind: ruminating thoughts, can't stop the mind from thinking (it can be worry or not)

Here are a few solutions to this puzzle:

1. Do all you can to make sure your bedroom is a sleep sanctuary: clutter free, clean, comfortable mattress and linens, dark, cool, and quiet...

2. Write down all of your worries and thoughts in a journal before you turn out the light.

3. See your doctor about hot flashes, restless legs, you or a partner snoring, an over active bladder, and anxiety.

4. Limit caffeine, spicy foods, the news, and social media in the hours leading up to bedtime.

5. Consider the impact your digital devices are having on your mental state and physical health. Retire them completely from your bedtime. Experiment with the idea of limiting them during your waking hours as well.

6. Is there someone in your life (including yourself) you need to forgive? Forgive...

7. Begin a meditation practice first thing in the morning.

8. Cultivate a gratitude list at the end of your day.

9. Know that whatever is going on in the world right now is temporary.

10. Know also that you are perfect and just right as you are. You are loved. You are love.

Good night,


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