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I Choose and I Let Go

A Powerful Journal Writing Exercise for Today

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As many of you may know by now, I am a big believer in the power of writing. I find getting my thoughts out on paper very healing, clarifying, and empowering. Today, I invite you to these two powerful prompts- to write about what you choose and what you choose to let go of.

When you think about it, we are all choice-making machines. The quality of our choices affect the quality of our lives. I also encourage you to look at what you hold on to and what you can let go of... As always, don't think too hard on any of these questions. Just write.

If I were writing, this might be what would come out:

I Choose:

  1. Freedom
  2. Beauty
  3. Love
  4. Truth
  5. Abundance
  6. Peace
  7. Adventure
I let go of:
  1. Fear
  2. Limiting beliefs
  3. Saying yes to everything
  4. Tension
  5. Worry
  6. Clutter
  7. Indecision
Your turn. Remember this is no right or wrong way to answer these prompts. Happy writing.
In Peace,
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