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A Post for all the People Pleasers out there...

· Peace,anxiety,people pleasing

Many of us grew up feeling like we had to be the perfect little girls (or boys)...

All we wanted was to be loved and to receive that love we were the perfect daughters and students and friends...

It is all well and good to be loved and accepted in our social circle. We humans are social creatures after all and belonging is of up most importance. The challenge for some of us, however, is that this acceptance can come at a great cost. We don't show the world who we really are and we settle in many ways in our lives because we are afraid to be ourselves and ask the world what we really want for our lives.

For so long, I have envied personalities that just don't seem to care too much about what others' think. They declare to the world: "Here I am! Take me or not. I will do fine either way".

Now that I am 50, I am doing my best to get there and just say the heck with it- this is who I am.

In future posts, we will explore what it means to just "be". Just the sound of that makes me feel much more at peace... Cheers! ~ Debra 

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