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Peace for a Good Night Sleep... and Peace for a Good World

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This is a post about peace. Right now, how can we be a channel for peace? If each of us focused on peace, our greater communities would as well. We have a choice about what we focus on, what we talk about, what we read, what we buy, how we spend our time, how we vote...etc.

Since this is The Warm Milk Journal, I would like to tie this in with getting a good night sleep...

Who sleeps well when they go to be angry, scared, frustrated, or feeling worthless?

Not many, I would guess. When our heads hit the pillow, when do we feel most at peace (which will set us up for sweet slumber)...

We go to bed feeling at peace when we:

1. Feel good about ourselves

2. Know we did our best today

3. We don't get too caught up in the current media blitz

4. We give ourselves time and space for silence, contemplation, prayer, journal writing, etc.

Here is my suggestion for peace in the world and all of us getting a healthy dose of sleep tonight...

1. Focus on service and how we can help others and the world

2. Know that we are enough (just as we are)

3. Don't get consumed with the news of the day (turn off TVs, phones, be choosy about who we listen to and what we read).

4. Spend time outdoors every day.

5. Take our vacation time(s) and unplug and go somewhere special with loved ones.

In Peace,


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