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So What's Your Jam? Tonight's Journal Writing Exercise

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So it's a good thing that I have a 19 year old daughter and I know that a "jam" is not always a bad thing or something you put on your toast. I enjoy listening to her say "mom, that's my jam"! - whatever the "jam" is it is always expressed with such enthusiasm. It can be related to music or a specific song but now I believe it is just simply something you really love. That works for me...

So I am going to put it out there to all of you: What is your jam(s)?

The mission of The Warm Milk Journal is to live the life of our dreams and sleep restfully at night. I say, the more we focus on what makes us happy and gives us joy- that is the good stuff right there. So, I will ask it again: What is your jam?
Get out your journal and begin to write. Do not self edit and don't take too long with your answer(s). Whatever comes out, comes out- that is the magic of putting pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard)- You never know what will come out and it can often be either revealing or validating. That is why I love writing so much. It's like the whispers of our soul come out... shall we write?

So if this were my journal writing entry tonight, it might look something like this:

What is my Jam?

My Jam is this:

1. Getting a good night sleep

2. Spending time outside

3. Dancing in my living room without a care in the world

4. Smiles

5. Hugs

6. Kindness

7. Putting good stuff out there in the world and receiving good stuff as well

8. Adventure

9. That loving look in husband's eyes

10. Learning new things and stretching myself always...

11. One Republic's Good Life! 

Your turn... (this is a good one) Enjoy!


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