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My Seven Causes of Insomnia

I know I won't sleep well if these are happening...

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On nights when I do not sleep my best, I can attribute my anxiety, restlessness, and insomnia to one or more of these seven reasons:

  1. I am worrying about what others are thinking about me.
  2. I have put too much on my plate and I worry about how I am going to meet all of my commitments.
  3. I have not exercised enough.
  4. I did not get outside enough.
  5. I did not drink enough water.
  6. I ate junk food.
  7. I am stuck in the past or projecting too much into the future (and not appreciating what I have now).

With this awareness, I can live my day in a way that supports a good night sleep (that's the theory anyway). It works most of the time. The key is awareness. I invite you to start a sleep diary and just note each morning how well you slept the night before. During the day, note things such as your diet, exercise, emotions you experienced, etc. Writing in a diary in this way for a week or two will help you uncover patterns that can leave clues to why you are not sleeping well.

To be continued... Sweet dreams!


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