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Starting a Mindfulness Practice:

A Great Investment of time for Better Sleep and so much more!

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I have always been interested in mindfulness practices such as: meditation, prayer, walking in nature, slowing down and focusing on the present, journal writing, enjoying quiet and stillness, and listening to peaceful music. Lately, I feel like I have taken my mindfulness practice to another level. Now, granted, I still regard myself as a beginner... however, I am excited about what this practice is doing for me and my life. First, I will share with you what I have been doing and then how it has benefited me.

My mindfulness practice:

1. For the last several weeks I have been listening to Deepak Chopra and Oprah's 21 day Meditation experience,Desire and Destiny. I listen first thing in the morning. When I finish with the 21 days I repeat. I shared with my husband John and now this is how we are both starting our days.

2. After my meditation, I write in my journal.

3. I take a daily walk outdoors without my iPhone and music.

4. I am disciplining myself to block off times of the day when I am not accessible via email and social media.

5. When relaxing, I am choosing to read paper books instead of from my electronic devices.

6. I practice smiling at strangers

7. I am working on being in less of a hurry. I am letting other motorists in my lane of traffic... a wave of thanks feels a lot better than cutting someone else off or being selfish and not letting someone in.

8. I add to my gratitude list at bedtime when I write in my journal again.

9. I read spiritually inspired books from great teachers such as Osho, Wayne Dyer, and Marc Allen.

10. I write!

11. I practice yoga: in class and in my sun room.

12. I sit outside on my back patio and watch the birds and my beautiful back yard trees and plants.

13. I refrain from interrupting another person with whom I am having a conversation with and really make an effort just to listen.

14. I greatly limit my exposure to the media and the news of the day.

15. I sing to my cat and hang out with him.

16. Taking delight in young children I see on the beach and in public places such as the beach, restaurants, and the doctor's waiting room.

17. I have started using essential oils when I am reading or writing.

What has all of this mindfulness gotten me? Well, let's see...

1. I am finding I am much more patient in general... (patience is not my strongest trait normally). I am doing much better at standing in lines, driving in traffic, and listening to my husband without interrupting him.

2. I am less reactive emotionally and just more centered and anchored.

3. I feel more wise and in tune with God and my higher power.

4. I am feeling more confident about my decisions I am making.

5. I have less tolerance for the media, drama, and negativity.

6. I am more at peace despite some challenges I am experiencing right now.

7. My mind is more calm at night when I want to sleep (rather than the monkey mind running amok and causing all kinds of anxiety and insomnia).

8. I feel less worried, and more happy.

9. I am feeling my power and feel more excited about my life and my future.

10. I feel more playful and alive.

11. I am becoming more flexible and less attached to outcomes.

12. My vocation and true life purpose is becoming crystal clear and is calling me...

To say I am excited about becoming more mindful is an understatement. Do I recommend it? Yes. Yes. and YES!

To be continued....


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