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Comparing and Judging Ourselves out of a Good Night Sleep

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Our minds can be powerful and wonderful tools. With our imaginations, we can create and empower. We can experience peace and joy. The flip side is that we can also make ourselves miserable with negative talk, limiting talk, and other types of thinking that are not productive or conducive to getting a good night sleep.

For this post, I invite you to look at two types of thinking that cause anxiety and a poor night sleep: comparing and judging.

Comparing and Judging cost us a great deal. This type of thinking gets us out of the present and literally lost in our minds (with thoughts that really have no bearing on a quality life experience). When we compare and judge we are either: thinking badly of others or a situation, or we are comparing ourselves with others and thinking bad of ourselves.

Why do we judge and compare? I believe there are a few reasons.

1. Our brains like patterns and we do our best to categorize and make sense of the world.

2. We are social creatures and we crave validation.

3. Habit.This type of thinking is an easy "fall back".

Today I invite you to become aware of every time you judge and compare. You can enlist your partner or a friend to help "catch you". You can get out your journal and write about times when you know you have been judgmental. Just become aware.

Before I sign off, one thing I wish to note is that not all judgment is critical. For example, you might say "this is good"! when eating or drinking something. How many times do you say things like: "I like this, or I prefer this, or it would be better if..." Our minds are constantly ascribing labels to our life experience. The challenge here is simply becoming aware of when and how often you are doing this. We will continue this conversation in a future post. Have a blessed day...

In Peace,


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