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Inviting Sleep into Your Life...

By doing these ten things!

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Invite sleep into your life right now by choosing to:

1. Let go of clutter (in your closet, your inbox, your mind)

2. Spend time alone in nature

3. Cultivate a morning routine: set time to wake up, meditate, write in your journal, pray...

4. Establish an evening routine as well: relaxing music or something to read that is not too stimulating, digital devices banished to another room, writing in your journal, spending time with family...

5. Commit to saying yes to only the activities that are essential to your well-being and that are in alignment with your life values.

6. Get real comfortable saying no 90% of the time (aka: become very discerning about commitments you take on).

7. Let the world know who you are and don't worry about pleasing anyone!  

8.Move your body, drink water, and eat good food during the day.

9. Smile more than frown.

10. Do you your best not to judge. You never really know what is going on with someone. Be kind.

Sweet Dreams!

Debbie xoxxo

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