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I Believe.... Tonight's Journal Writing Exercise

· journal writing,writing prompts,beliefs

Tonight I am going to simply invite you to get out your journals and write at the top:

I believe...

Then see what comes out. As always, don't spend too much time thinking about your answers or self editing. This exercise will most likely give you some insight about who you really are and what you stand for. Knowing this will help you in all areas of life.


If I were to do this, my answers may look something like this:

I believe: in kindness.

I believe: that everything important in life starts with courage.

I believe: that we all have a message inside of us to share with the world.

I believe: that there is no such thing as failure so long as we keep learning and moving forward.

I believe: that we never need to feel stuck in our lives. We can always change our situation if we want to.

I believe: in adventure and the importance of trying new things.

What do you believe?

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