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Gut Check and a Good Night Sleep

How to tap into your intuition for greater sleep and peace of mind

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Hello friends,

Tonight I offer you a simple and straightforward tip on how to get a good night sleep tonight...

The question is: are you going about your day practicing the "gut check"? If you are not, you may be setting yourself up for a night of agony - tossing and turning and stewing... anxiety coming from worry and knowing deep down perhaps things are not what you really wanted or intended.

If that is you, I want to say right now that most of us (including myself) have been in this place so please quit beating yourself up about it. We are humans. We are learning...

To prevent this kind of angst driven insomniac night to happen to you again, I simply invite you to incorporate the gut check into your daily life.

What do I mean by a gut check, you ask?

You know you are on a good path or have said no or yes for the right reasons when you:

feel at peace, feel confident, and sleep well.

If you are experiencing a funny feeling in your stomach and your mind is racing at night instead of relaxing and letting you sleep, you might have made a decision or pursued a course of action that did not pass the gut check.

When our actions do not pass the gut check, we do not sleep well at night. We just don't. Chances are, that we are also spending our days making excuses or doubting ourselves or feeling guilty or consumed with fear or regret...

Is this any way to live our lives??

I think we both know the answer to that one.

So, my friends - how do we go about our lives and pass the gut check so that we may fulfill our mission here at The Warm Milk Journal which is to live the life of our dreams by day and sleep restfully at night ?

I offer you this:

1. When presented with a request or opportunity, how does it feel to you in your gut? Do you feel a "yes" and feel good about it? Or, do you feel pressured to say a yes when deep down you are not sure about this decision and answer...

Something that has really helped with me is that we don't have to give answers to requests and opportunities right away... It is perfectly acceptable to say, I will get back with you next week about this...

The gut check is so powerful! It is a crystal clear compass that will let you know whether you are on the right path or not.

If things are passing this important check point, you know... you are excited and you are at peace with your decision(s) and course of action.

When decisions and life paths are not passing the gut check, then we know that too deep down. You can feel it deep down. As much as your mind and ego might try to convince you that this is a good course of action, you know (whether this is good or not). You really do. This is the gut check. 

We will continue this conversation.

With love,


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