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Dear God, Please Help Us....!

How do we make sense of the world right now?!

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I wish I was writing this in happier circumstances... It seems that almost on a daily basis we awake to some really bad news. This Las Vegas tragedy is the most recent of many events (man induced or mother nature) that make us question everything. How can there be such cruelty and evil in this beautiful and blessed world? If there is a God, how can such bad things happen?

To simply say: focus on our blessings and all of the good in the world (which there still is) almost seems callous when I think of the people in Las Vegas or Puerto Rico.

The mission of The Warm Milk Journal is simply this: To live the life of our dreams by day and sleep restfully at night.

I think the events of the world right now are testing our mission...

So here is what I suggest for us tonight (and I am writing this with a very heavy and sad heart right now).

Check yourself right now:

1. Do you have a pulse? (If yes, that is good- you are alive).

2. Do you have people in your life who love you?

If we are alive and we have love in our lives, here is what I propose...

We come together and focus on one another and the love we have for each other, our communities, and our world.

That is all. If we get anymore complicated than that, our minds will take over and try to take make sense of things right now when that may not be possible.

My friends, what and who do you love? Get out your journals and write about what you love, who you love, and the values you love.

May we all live in peace.


and good night.



PS: I love you

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