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Getting Organized for a Better Night Sleep

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It is hard to sleep well when our physical space(s) and mind are cluttered with things we no longer need. It is also hard to sleep and enjoy peace of mind when we feel stressed and anxious about financial issues...  

Physical: Home/Office/Car

My husband and I moved into a new home recently which has forced me to get rid of a lot of clutter and get better organized (I want to enjoy our beautiful new house). I am getting more and more merciless when it comes to getting rid of things that I no longer enjoy our use. I am not rushing into buying new things to replace the discarded items either.

I highly recommend Marie Kondo's wonderful book: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing for help with tidying up physical surroundings. I am finding myself more and more getting in the habit of asking myself: "Does this spark joy?" when evaluating whether I should keep something or discard it - and also asking myself this question: "Will this spark joy"? when considering purchasing something. Which leads us to the next area in my life that I wish to better organize... 


This is one area where I know I can improve on. Although I always seem to have just enough money to have or do what I want (within limits), I know I can be a better manager. I have recently made a commitment to myself to be a better steward of my money. I have started tracking my income and expenses with a couple of nifty tools: Mint and Spending Tracker.

I am hoping that by being better "connected" to where my money is coming from and where it is going- I will do a better job of managing my finances. Although I have just started, I already feel better centered and more confident in myself to better enjoy and appreciate my many blessings. I am hopeful that I will find ways to save money for the future, travel more with my family, and better help my kids and other worthwhile causes I care about such as The Nature Conservancy.


To enjoy a less-cluttered mind, I am working on:

1. spending time in nature as much as I can which puts me

2. more in the NOW

3. Be present as much as possible

4. Focus on my blessings and cultivate an attitude of gratitude

5. Write in my journal and start off my day with a morning prayer each day.

Here's to living the life of our dreams by day and sleeping restfully at night. I believe we can accomplish this mission by becoming better organized and more centered.

In Peace,


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