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Getting a Good Night Sleep

In the city that never sleeps

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I spent last week in New York City for a social media conference. My hotel was 10 city blocks away from where the conference was taking place. When I was not in my meetings, I was busy walking around- catching the sights of the Big Apple while I had the chance.

Did I walk! And, when I did finally return to my tiny "petit" hotel room at the end of my day, did I sleep! Phew!

My experience in New York made me realize just how sedentary I am when I am home. Yes, I take my daily walks or go to the gym/yoga a few times a week- but compared to my urban existence last week- my life here in Florida is quite sedentary.

Does getting more exercise during the day help us sleep better during the day? According to this article (empowered by the National Sleep Foundation) - it definitely does! "Physical activity improves sleep quality and increases sleep duration. Exercise may also bolster sleep in other ways, because it reduces stress and tires you out. Early morning and afternoon exercise may also help reset the sleep wake cycle by raising body temperature slightly, then allowing it to drop and trigger sleepiness a few hours later. It can be especially helpful if you are able to exercise outdoors and let your body absorb natural sunlight during the daytime hours".

Time to get those walking shoes on!

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