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Fun and Easy for a Good Night Sleep

Tonight's Journal Writing Exercise

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I had a good conversation with a friend of mine today. We get together for coffee regularly to share business goals with one another and help each other remain accountable. Today it dawned on us that sometimes we strive too hard to achieve our goals. I know that when I put too much pressure on myself, I tend to create anxiety for myself (which results in frustration and not sleeping well at night).

So, how can we achieve all of the wonderful things we want to in life but still sleep well and be happy? The answer, we decided today was to focus on "fun and easy". If whatever project or goal we were aspiring to accomplish was not fun and easy, we decided it was not worth pursuing.

Here is a simple journal writing exercise for you tonight. Simply write "fun and easy" at the top of your journal writing entry and then write. Do not self-edit. Just write and see what comes up.

If this were my entry tonight, it might look something like this:

Fun and easy:

Fun and easy can come to any task of my life if I stay centered and keep a light-hearted view on it.

I know that blades of grass and other small plants which are flexible fare better in a storm than the sturdy old oak (and other hardwood) trees that hold steadfast and rigid until they break under the force of the wind (and occasional lightning bolts).

I wish to be flexible and easy. I invite fun and easiness into all aspects of my life. Whether it is a planned trip or a new business venture- may I experience and execute them at my ease (and pleasure).

I like the idea of setting good intentions and goals but then detaching to the outcome. There is a certain peace that comes with that mindset. What will be will be. Que sera sera.

Your turn my friends. Fun and easy.


Good night!


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