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Five Essential Habits for a Good Night Sleep

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A successful life is not necessarily about how smart, educated, or talented we are.... Actually, the key is the habits we choose to cultivate and do on a daily basis. This is true when it comes to getting a good night sleep as well. If you wish to rest easier at night and wake up refreshed, simply cultivate better habits for sleep.

Here are five good habits to adopt and make your own:

1. Spend time each day in nature. Greenery, the sunlight, the sounds of wildlife, and the feel of the breeze on your skin will nurture your soul. At peace, you will rest deeper and more peacefully.

2. Make others' smile. We don't live on a deserted island and we are social creatures. By making someone else's day a little cheerier we get uplifted too. A happier spirit and soul leads to more restful sleep (are you beginning to see a pattern here)?

3. Be choosy about your commitments. Say yes to what you want to say yes to and say no to what you want to say no to. People pleasing and over-committing is a recipe for insomnia. Listen to your heart. Commit wisely to the things that move you. Let the rest go...

4. Spend time with your pet. If you have a dog or cat, make it a daily practice tor really be present with them each day. They are great reminders of what unconditional love is. When we are focused on love, we are more at peace resulting in a more peaceful night of rest.

5. Drink lot's of water during the day. Clean out your system and sleep better at night by staying hydrated. Additional benefits are more focused thinking by day and eating less....

Sweet Dreams!


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