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Here's to our Girls!

The World is Blessed... Let us Honor our Female Population

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Here's to our Girls!

I am a woman. I am a mom (and have a delightful mom). I have a daughter. When I was a younger mom I stepped up to become a girl scout leader when my daughter Aimee was in kindergarten. I had no experience with this kind of thing (me, a leader)? I stepped up because I knew it was important. Our girls are important. Our young women and women of all ages are important. I feel very strongly right now that this world needs feminine energy. Our world needs our girls and women to be empowered, strong, and free! 

I will keep this simple (for I have a husband who wants to eat tonight) ;-)

What I observe:

Girls and women struggle to find our voice and strength because we are so busy trying to please and take care of everyone. We don't wish to "rock the boat" for we fear we will be seen as a trouble maker or something less than what we wish to be (accepted and adored for the wonderful females that we are).  

This is what I believe ladies... we need to step up and claim our power and know that our lives and the world will be a better place because of it. 

A few ideas to honor our girls and women:

1. Get comfortable in our own skin and let the world know who we are and that we are a force to be reckoned with.

2. From a loving and respectful place, we need to become more assertive where it counts (in the home, the workplace, how we vote, what we talk and write about)...

3. Support non-profit organizations that are working often on a shoestring budget to make the lives of girls around the world better or women who have been victims of abuse and human trafficking.

4. Become a mentor and get involved in an organization such as Girl Scouts.

Imagine a world where women are not only equal but are rocking it! They are not afraid or settling or trying to please...

In Peace,


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