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Choosing Courage For A Good Night Sleep

How many hours have you tossed and turned with agony thinking about:

1. Opportunities not taken because you were scared or not sure?

2. Your present work situation that is a paycheck but not much more but you are scared to leave it...

3. You know there is something great that resides within you but you have never let yourself "go for it" because what if you failed or what would others think of such "foolishness"?

4. What if you actually succeeded and changed your world forever? What then?

5. You made a decision but now you are agonizing that it was not the best one... what if you fail?

Hmmm.... been there and done that with all of the above. For oh so many years.

I invite you to get out your journal and consider an alternative way to live that will get you excited about your life and also permit you to sleep restfully at night. This way of life I am suggesting is choosing courage. Yes, courage!

Courage which means (from old Latin) of the heart. You are not letting your mind talk you out of things that are meaningful to you. You are not letting fear stop you in your tracks. No, you are letting your heart lead... The heart knows.

In your journal, write a response to each of the following:

1. What have you always wanted to do but always talked yourself out of it?

2. What puts you in a cold sweat just at the thought of doing it?

3. What were your dreams as a third grader?

4. What do you wish to be remembered for?

5. If money, the opinions of others, a boss to report to, a mortgage to pay... if none of these things mattered, what would get you excited about waking up tomorrow morning and every other morning?

To choose a courageous life is a choice to really live and not sleep walk out of fear or sense of duty or being lulled into the comfort zone. I challenge you now to look at your heart. Write without thinking too much. Just write!

If this were my journal entry, I may respond this way:

1. I have always wanted to be a public speaker and travel around the world...

2. I get in a cold sweat just at the thought of giving a public speech...

3. My dreams as a third grader: I wanted to be a broadcast journalist. I wanted to have Barbara Walters' job and interview important people from all over the world...

4. When I am gone, I wish to be remembered for allowing myself to be vulnerable enough to nudge others who (like myself) have a tendency to stay in their comfy nests and not really go for what they really want out of a sense of security or fear....

5. If I had no obstacles I would be a writer and a coach... someone who inspires in a kind but tough love way to nudge others like myself to go down the courageous path. What do we have to lose?

Your turn, my friend. Start writing. Time does not wait. Your life is happening now. How does this all tie in with getting a good night sleep you ask? Well, when you are living the life of your dreams by day, you are satisfied and at peace at night. No more stewing and regretting and fretting because you are truly living (from your heart I might add). Roar.

In peace,


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