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Choosing Beauty

For Peace of Mind and a Great Night Sleep

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What we focus on expands. Why not focus on all the beauty that is all around us (when we choose to pay attention to it)?

I invite you to get out your journal right now, and write on the top of your entry: "beauty".

Then just write. You can write about what beauty means to you and/or all of the beauty you are experiencing right now in this moment. I encourage you to use all of your senses and as always, don't self edit or think too much. Just write!

Ready? As I often do, I will begin and then it will be your turn...

Let's see...


Beauty is all around me if I choose to see it, hear it, feel it, smell it, and taste it.

I experience beauty in my world right now.

Here are some recent examples of this day:

1. The beautiful sunrise

2. My new kittens in their play

3. The smiles of my neighbors today as I saw them out walking their dogs

4. The new christmas lights I am seeing out in our community

5. The kindness of all of the people I am on Facebook with (I lost some dear pets recently and acquired some new ones). I appreciate the love, support, and non-judgment from my FB community.

6. Beautiful music I listen to as I write (from Pandora: Classical Crossover Vocals).

7. All of the kind people who volunteer their time on their weekends to help animals get adopted into loving homes. Thank you!

Your turn, my friends. May each moment of your life be touched with beauty.

In Joy,


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