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 Be Selective on Who and What Gets Your Attention and... Sleep Peacefully

Five Strategies I am doing right now for less anxiety, more peace, and more restful sleep.

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It's no secret that we live in a distracted, noisy, and angry world right now. For someone who is prone to anxiety and worry anyway, these times are not always the easiest to navigate. I, however, have found some strategies that are greatly helping me to stay grounded and at peace (resulting in a good night sleep more often than not).

What am I doing? Here are five strategies:

1. I am being highly selective about what I read, watch, and listen to.

2. I am working on limiting my social media use and trying to break the habit of always checking my phone.

3. I am structuring my day so that I am mostly focusing on the important work that I wish to accomplish with my remaining time (there is no time to waste). When focused on what is important, all this other noise that is going on all around us gets cloudy and less disruptive.

4. I am making sure I take time to exercise (outdoors, at my gym, or in my home).

5. I do something each day to be of service to someone or a cause bigger than myself (getting out of ourselves a bit and helping others is a great way to lessen anxiety and give us a sense of peace and purpose).  

I wish you a blessed day and peaceful night.


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