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These days it is easy to get caught up in the 24/7 news cycle and social media posts that keep coming. Tonight, I propose we choose a different path... a simpler path...

I propose we get back to basics for peace of mind and a restful night of sleep tonight? How does that sound to you? If it sounds nice, read on...

Basics for a Good Night Sleep (and peaceful happy day to boot):

1. Get rid of the clutter in your life: clothes you no longer wear, knick-knacks around the house that no longer serve their purpose (or you can't figure out why you even have them in the first place. Ha!), people who drag you down, commitments that have no meaning - this is clutter. Be rid of it. NOW

2. Once you have more space, you can breathe... take walks, practice yoga, read, pray, write in your journal...

3. Get outside

4. Listen to music (as I write this, I am listening to my Bossa Nova radio on Pandora

5. Dance

6. Try something new today

7. Set an intention to be kind to everyone you encounter today (including yourself)

8. Buy some fresh flowers for your home or plant something in your garden

9. Give your child or spouse or pet or friend or _______ the gift of your undivided attention for several minutes.

10. Turn your phone off!

These ten basic tips may not be your typical insomnia tips but I promise you they will help you sleep better tonight and wake up happier and ready for your new day.

I wish you love and peace!


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