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8 "Success" Steps That Result In A Good Night Sleep

· Good Night Sleep

A good night sleep can not be taken for granted. Some are blessed with restful nights every night. To those of you who sleep well no matter what, I am very happy for you.

Many of us are not so lucky. To sleep well this night, consider this kind of "success".

Success that results in a good night sleep may include:

1. Saying yes to something you really need to say yes to.

2. Saying no to something you really need to say no to.

3. Not caring so much about outcomes or thoughts/opinions of others...

4. Making another person smile today

5. Taking one step towards making a dream of yours come true (even if it is a little baby step).

6. How many times did you say thank you? (hint: the more times the greater your success).

7. How many times did you hug someone today? (ditto).

8. Were there times today when you just did "nothing" (take a nap, a walk, call your mom on the phone)?

Sweet Dreams,


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