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Ten ways to guarantee a great day, The Mew Way


To have a nice day, the Mew Way, one simply has to:

1. not be in a hurry to do anything

2. keep loved ones company when they are home

3. eat small meals frequently

4. stretch periodically, especially in a sunny spot by the window

5. meditate on the birds and natural wildlife outside

6. be content with what you have

7. never complain unless your food dish is empty or your tail gets stepped on.

8. invite love and affection by rolling on your back and looking adorable

9. nap throughout the day.

10. contribute to the household by helping mommy write and cook and helping daddy at the computer by sitting on important paperwork (out of sight, out of mind- no more stressed daddy)!

Thanks Mew.

Have a purrfectly wonderful day, everybody!


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