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I feel most alive when… this evening’s journal writing exercise.

Good evening. It’s time to have a little time to write and focus on what is important, what really turns us on and brings us to life! If we focus on these things we will go to bed tonight eager and looking forward to the new day. Living our passions gives us purpose. There will be no room for boredom, depression, or anxiety… Ready?

In your journals, simply write: I feel most alive when… then write,write, write! Have fun.

Let’s see…

girl with writing-book and pen on a sky background

I feel most alive when…

1. I am writing.

2. I am riding my bike.

3. I am taking a walk outside.

4. I am gazing out at the ocean, my back patio garden, a beautiful night sky…

5. My husband smiles at me

6. I’ve just had a great yoga class, swim, or workout at the gym

7. I feel like I have put in a good day at work.

8. Going on a trip, or even planning for a trip. I love adventure!

9. Trying new things.

10. Dancing around and moving my body.

Your turn!

couple jumping in field

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