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At the end of the day, I am thankful for these ten comforts…

Late Night Romance

So it’s the end of they day and there is not much getting in the way

of my welcoming in the evening.

There are so many things I appreciate about this time of day.

Right now, at 7:19 PM, I appreciate:

1. Being home

2. the good work out I had a little while ago at the gym

3. the quiet I am enjoying before I start cooking (tonight it will be a healthy tofu stir fry)

4. the glass of pinot noir I am sipping as I write this.

5. My husband, daughter, and sweet cat who are close by (but leaving me alone so I can write)

6. The comfortable couch I am sitting on

7. My plush green blanket that is on my lap (it is actually a cool night here in North Florida)

8. The view that I have of my eccentric neighbor’s Christmas tree fully lit outside my back patio window across the pond…(why not Christmas in March, right? I laugh and feel full of love when I see those lights come on at night. This neighbor, by the way, will take the tree down in august sometime… ha!lol)

9. The peace that I feel inside knowing I had a good day.

10. My laptop computer here which faithfully works for me…

What comforts are you thankful for this evening? (feel free to comment and share with us…!)

Much love and peace to all of you. Have a lovely night! It is time I get going with my stir fry…



Twilight drops her curtain down, and pins it with a star. ~ Lucy Maud Montgomery


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