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Our Top Twenty Warm Milk Journal Posts for 2012!


Yes, 2012 is almost over. It has been a great year. I wish to thank you for all of your support these past twelve months. Out site has grown so much. It is my wish that we continue to support you in our mission of:

To live a well balanced, rewarding life of our dreams by day and sleep restfully at night.

I know we have about a day and a half of 2012 remaining, but I would like to share with you the twenty posts that got the most views these past 365 days. The most viewed page was not a post, but our home page (with over 30,00 views).

Here is the countdown of our most popular posts for 2012 (not including the home page).

20. Anxiety and dealing with our fear bubbles: 3 approaches to take

19. An affirmation for insomnia from Louise Hay’s “Heal your Body”

18. Hot Bedtime Drinks

17. Top Ten Ways To Make Friends On Twitter, One Tweet At A Time


16. Morning Prayer

15. This morning’s intention and prayer

14. Lying in bed and can’t sleep? Here’s what to do…

13. A simple goodnight prayer

12. Two Evening Prayers from Marianne Williamson’s Illuminata


11. Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today- A Cherokee Proverb. Being present and in The Now to have magnificent days and restful nights.

And now for the top ten:

10. “Listen to Your Parents!”, advises Paige Wyatt of The Discovery Channel’s Reality TV show: American Guns. An exclusive interview

Wyatt PR

Wyatt PR

9. Footsteps In The Sand

8. Are you a people pleaser? People pleasing leads to anxiety, worry, and loss of sleep

red-haired young girl, woman with  a fringe covering her lips

7. A Prayer For This Morning

6. Tweet others the way you want to be tweeted: 15 lessons I’ve learned on Twitter

5. When it’s raining outside, drink wine (or make lemonade): Ten ideas on dealing with disappointment

4. Two Bible Verses Good For Sleep

3. Over thinking causes anxiety and insomnia. Here are seven ways to get off the over thinking treadmill.

2. A morning coffee time prayer from Marianne Williamson’s Illuminata: A New Day

The drum roll please… the most popular post for 2012 (and all time) is:

1. A short morning prayer for this new day


I hope you have enjoyed this countdown. Thank you for visiting.

In Peace,


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