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Creating a Prayer Board (I recommend doing one on Pinterest)

We have talked about keeping a prayer journal. Another great way to connect to God and our spiritual lives is to create a prayer board. A prayer board is a visual representation of our values, our beliefs, our hopes, our desires, the things we need help with, etc.

You can use a scrapbook, any kind of poster board, or even online. There are vision board programs out there and there is of course, Pinterest which I think is the perfect medium for creating your prayer board.

On Pinterest you can “pin” anything you want. It can be a scripture, a spiritual quote, and image that has meaning for you. You can get inspired from other people’s boards. There are some beautiful things posted on Pinterest.

I have started a prayer board on Pinterest and I find it to be a very relaxing, centering, and affirming activity. It puts me in touch with the good things in my life. I highly recommend it.

What we focus on grows!

In peace,


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