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What enchants you? A journal writing exercise.

The definition of enchantment according to

“captivation: a feeling of great liking for something wonderful and unusual”

What enchants you?

For today’s journal writing session let’s do this simple exercise: write down a list of anything that enchants you. What we focus on grows so why not concentrate on the things that give us wonder, awe, delight, and enchantment!

Let’s see, in my journal this morning my list may begin like this:

What enchants me…

1. Sunsets
2. Moonlight twinkling on the ocean
3. A beautiful panoramic view: a city skyline, a mountain top setting, a valley, the ocean, a canyon, a river etc.
4. A little baby’s face lighting up with a great big smile
5. The intuition, affection, and sensitivity that my cat displays towards me when I am feeling down and in need of cheering up.

I could keep going but I want you to now think about what enchants you!

Have a blessed day and enjoy,


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2 Responses to What enchants you? A journal writing exercise.

  • Marie says:

    Ohhh, you were just quoting my list! I love those things and can literally get lost in wonder when gazing at the moon! Especially when he is full, handsome and very close to the earth looking.

    the peaceful look when a baby is sleeping always gets me. and then you see their eyes moving and wonder deep inside, what their hearts are dreaming of. amazing to watch and hold a sleeping baby.

    I love how i can see a million sunrises over the ocean and still be completely awed by each one.

    thank you for all you do here!! keep inspiring!



    • Debra says:

      Thanks for writing in Marie. This evening I was watching two cardinals discover the new seed we put out in our back patio feeders. They didn’t know I was watching. Pure delight; enchantment!

      Have a blessed evening, my friend!


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