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How To Resolve Snoring With A Few Simple Tips

A special guest post from Notebooktivity’s Marcus Wommer, of Switzerland. Snoring is an issue that affects many of us (whether we are the person snoring or the partner of the snoring party).

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How to resolve snoring with a few simple tips


Dreaming and frequent movements while sleeping are known nightly activities. Another especially annoying activity even when in deep sleep is snoring. This dysfunction is created by certain mechanisms which collide while the body is in its most relaxed phase.

When the muscles in the throat become too relaxed, they may partially close the air passage while breathing. This obstruction in combination with the wind that runs though this passage does then result in more or less loud vibrations – the snoring.

Luckily there are some natural effective remedies that can be used to reduce the smoring. Not all remedies are equally effective for all sorts of snoring causes though and you should carefully evaluate each method before trying them out. Let me point out three of them.

Before going into more details here are a few general tips:

Improving your general lifestyle

Smoking and enjoying alcohol frequently can also lead to increased snoring. The substances taken in will influence various body reactions which can support the processes that lead to snoring.

Respiratory tract tissues can be modified through cigarettes and the system then loses its protection from the harm of these chemicals. Some studies support the idea that the esophagus is lined with a specific type of cell; once cigarette smoke passes through the esophagus these cells will change into another form and will start producing an abnormal amount of mucus which will then add to the obstruction.

Alcohol, on the other hand, can bring on relaxation on the muscles that further aggravate the condition. Due to lack of control during sleep the muscles of the throat are relaxing and this then creates the possibility that the muscles will interfere with the normal flow of air. Thus, the vibration that results to snores.

Weight reduction and exercise

In general we are all advised to maintain an ideal weight relating to your body size. This is not only restricting us from enjoying some of the habits we got so used to; it will also improve our health in many other ways. In respect to snoring, a well maintained weight will make you less susceptible to risk involved in snoring.

Increased weight means the person will have a high body mass. With this, the person will have a bulkier neck with excess muscle and these can lead to obstructions during breathing. The throat can no longer accommodate extra tissues that may cause the blockages for the facilitation of normal breathing.

Change of sleeping posture

The earliest method of reducing snores was by stitching a tennis or ping pong ball on the pajama tops at the back. With this you will find it very uncomfortable to sleep on your back and will turn on your side. Realigning the body will decrease the possibility of snoring as the tongue and the jaw will be kept from dropping back which is the cause of the blockages on the narrow air passage.


Most people will confirm that sleeping on either your left right side will prevent the relaxed muscles to collapse. People who can tolerate sleeping on their stomachs are much less susceptible to snoring since this posture is ideal for reducing the pressure on the airways.

Also, it is often mentioned that elevating your bed by 30 degrees will reduce to likelihood of the tissues in the throat to collapse.

Now, lets discuss some natural remedies you can try out.

Quite a number of snoring remedies are available to the snorer; and most people use these natural remedies and recognize those as a more holistic approach.

Other remedies to prevent or stop snoring are dental implants and medicines that need to be taken regularly. Some of those can probably cause certain side effects.

Therefore many doctors even are going back to the natural ways of curing certain illnesses. It seems that no matter how advanced technology is these days, people still can’t live without the basics, meaning healing the natural way.


One product available is a natural spray made from herbs which moisturizes the palate, throat, and uvula. The spray works in most cases immediately after you it was applied it, and it can prevent snoring for up to 8 hours. I have used it myself for some time very successfully until my body seems to have adjusted to it and the effect had worm of, unfortunately.

Natural snoring remedies mostly consist of herbs such as Bromelein, undeveloped bitter orange, and other herbs which also maximize the air flow through the nasal passages.

Other natural remedies contain enzymes from different plants like amylase, lipase, protease,, and cellulose. These enzymes open your sinuses which can actually resolve snoring.

No producer will guarantee you the full effectivity of their natural snoring remedies; most of them are not FDA (Food & Drug Administration) approved. Nevertheless a lot of consumers claim that these remedies are highly effective in eliminating or at lease reducing snoring.

Another option is to inhale steam before going to bed. To reduce congestion, deeply breathe in steam through your nose before just before going to bed.


You can also try nasal strips; These also provide relief from congestion. Applied over the back of your nose, these hold the nostrils open, helping you to breathe through your nose



Breathing exercises, performed at certain minutes every day, are also good and helpful; they help in the normal function of the air passages while breathing.

Here is one exercise you can try:

To start with, put the upper molar and the lower molar together. Slowly, feel your lips touching each other in a very light manner. Then open your mouth as wide as you can without stressing it. Repeat this procedure for how many counts with the only focus on your molars. Like the hinges of the door, your molars should be put together and your jaw lowered. By doing this, you will feel the muscles of your jaw strengthened and the back part of the mouth seemed to be opening. This tissue which you feel at the back of your mouth is the one hindering your air passage. It is normal to feel like the muscle is contracting at the back of the throat. And continuous repetition of the exercise puts that muscle on its proper position while clearing your breathing.

This exercise is surely effective because it works right to the root of the problem. Very often the obstruction to the air passage makes it difficult for air to get to your lungs. This causes the drop off in the area of airways. And as the area is decreased, the velocity of the air increases, creating that flapping sound which annoys your family at nighttime.

Strengthening the jaw is therefore a major step to prevent snoring. Should your snoring not be reduced by this then this could mean another thing and you should surely consult your doctor.
This exercise is a natural remedy which you can try in your own homes. It requires is a little effort and diligence but the effect can be instantaneous.

Absolutely nothing can compare to the natural way of healing. Natural remedies do not contain harmful chemicals, and as with exercising, the internet offers you a wide range of multiple resources. Check out sites offering cure-snoring programs such as

Snoring remedies are also available in most traditional stores as well as online stores.

My advice is to experiment with different natural snoring remedies before you actually find the one which suits you best to give you a good night’s sleep. Although a bit time consuming, this step is ideal. Once you’ve found the right remedy, all you have to do is to continue using that remedy.

No, it is time for you to enjoy sleeping without that snoring problem. You (and your family) will be more relaxed and you will be much more productive during the day too.

Please remember to seek medical attention to prevent any complications. You should always first consult your doctor before taking any medicine and also check back with him if taken remedies prove to be a failure for you.

Marcus runs his own blog and writes about Productivity (with) and about notebooks. His favourite notebooks are Moleskines and he experiments with them to adjust them to his needs. He is also a keen user of Getting Things Done (GTD)

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