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Over thinking causes anxiety and insomnia. Here are seven ways to get off the over thinking treadmill.

Over thinking leads to anxiety and insomnia. What do I mean by over thinking? Do any of these apply to you?

1. You can’t make up your mind about something. There’s just so many options available!

2. You worry about how people will react or what others will think about…

3. You stew in your mind and replay a social interaction that took place recently or a while ago.. (a phone conversation, a conversation at a dinner party or at work, etc.)

4. You are stuck in indecision because you want to make the right decision. What if you are wrong and you make the “wrong” decision? Horror! Better to make no decision at all, then, so your mind tells you.

5. You have a perfectionist streak in your personality and want things just so…

6. You have a hard time being in the present because you are thinking that maybe you should be somewhere else doing something else.

7. You are prone to experiencing buyer’s remorse.

8. You are prone to regret.

9. You have a fear of failing.

10. You are someone who likes to keep your options open…

If any of these apply to you, you are an over thinker. Chances are you could enjoy more peace and more sleep if you could overcome some of these

over thinking habits.

But, HOW?

Here are seven ideas on getting off the over thinking treadmill:

1.  Stand tall and think confidently about yourself (you are enough, it doesn’t matter what others think)!

2.  Practice making decisions. Even if it is something small like what to order on your dinner menu at a restaurant. Pick something that catches your eye and decisively with enthusiasm order it! Enjoy your meal. Don’t worry about the other things on the menu that you might have ordered or look on at your mate’s or other patrons dinner plates and worry that you could have done better in your dinner selection.

3. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, be happy with it. You are where you are supposed to be doing what you are supposed to be doing that very moment. It is perfect.

4. If you feel you made a “wrong” decision, think of it in terms of you are getting closer to the “right decision”. Be proud that you are taking some kind of action. The only way to really fail is by practicing inaction. By taking action, you are a success- no matter what the outcome!

5. Try this little trick I learned from Eckhart Tolle’s The Now: Close your eyes and ask yourself : “I wonder what my next thought will be?”. This somehow stops your over thinking monkey mind in its tracks. Try it. It really works.

6. Learn to meditate.

7.Discover a passion and then focus on that one thing. Specialize in something. A focused mind with purpose is one at peace and sleeps well at night.

In peace,

Debra : )   

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14 Responses to Over thinking causes anxiety and insomnia. Here are seven ways to get off the over thinking treadmill.

  • Marcus says:

    Very good, I should have knows this a few week ago when I was going through a tough few days in the office. I just couldn’t get my mind to relax as too many things were happening and the same time – all of course within the same fixed end date.
    Thankfully I am back on track. GTD helped me a lot in this time.

  • John says:


    I have been overthinking like anything for the past few days and its really beginning to get on my nerves. I had a lot of passionate hobbies but I don’t feel like doing anything now. How can I get my life back to normal?

    What is GTD?

  • Zist says:

    I have been over-thinking since yesterday on a very special topic. I shouldn’t be over-thinking in that case but i couldn’t stop it. I got a strong nerves on my face couldn’t sleep well all the time that topic comes in my mind and i asked my self could i done big mistake or not.

    Please help me get me out from over-thinking

    • Debra says:

      How are you today? I am sorry I did not reply sooner. Is this topic/issue resolved or are you still thinking a lot about it?

      I wish you a blessed day and peaceful night tonight.


  • Pooky says:


    philosophic question: What if over-thinking is natural state of mind and others just learn how to suppress this to can live with easy solution?

    I read this article and I must say, this symptoms are pretty close to Social Phobia. Solution of this problem overthinking also like another psychical disorder is not easy, it takes years self discipline pushing your mind to right direction and then you can get someday notice you don’t have to push and it’s a victory 🙂

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  • Jenny says:

    Hi Debra- I want to thank you so much for passing on the “I wonder what my next thought will be” gem. I was over thinking like CRAZY something that didn’t need to be thought about at all when I stumbled across your fantastic page. I tried that wonderful trick and found it to work beautifully! Then, I popped awake in the middle of the night and started over thinking again- remembered the trick and immediately moved onto something else and was able to get back to sleep about 10x faster than I normally would have! It is awesome. Thank you so much! Your page is great- I intend to look around quite a bit more. 🙂

    • Debra says:

      It works, doesn’t it? I’m so glad it helped, Jenny. We can thank Eckhart Tolle for that one.

      Thanks for your comment. I wish you many more peaceful nights.

      Debra 🙂

  • Azzel says:

    Thanks a lot for this article, the Eckhart Tolle method works like a miracle for me. I’m starting to work on meditating as well. My Over thinking habit is bad, really bad. I even think that I overthink myself on writing this comment. 😀
    But ill try to practice again more and more. Thanks again Debra!

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