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When those little flutters of anxiety flit in your tummy…

You can be going about your day, feeling great and then you get the “flutters”. Those of you who are at all prone to anxiety and worry know exactly what I am talking about. It’s that funny little feeling in your gut, your tummy….a nervousness that is not quite nausea. If it progresses the feeling may go into your chest resulting in: a sensation that your heart is beating too fast or your labor may become a little more shallow or faster. The feeling could also become a tension headache or pain in your neck or shoulders.

What triggers this anxiety? I am sure it varies for all of us. For me, I am very vulnerable when I am dealing with financial matters. It happens almost every time when I am paying the bills or looking over my bank statements (even when I have sufficient funds I experience this). I may experience the flutters if my boyfriend is in a bad mood or in his “cave” and I am making the mistake of taking his mood/behavior personally. I also get this uneasy feeling at times when I think of public education- for I am a teacher: I love working with children but there are many things I have to deal with in our public education system that gives me those anxious butterflies.

We are all human, and I am sure most of us will experience some kind of anxiety at some point. It may be when you have to perform like in a job interview or give a speech.

What I suggest is that we recognize these flutters when they first come on and then use some tools/strategies so that these initial anxious feelings do not fester and grow into something bigger (such as a panic attack, an illness, etc).

So, what to do when that initial flutter of anxiety is flittering in your tummy or making your heart pound just a little faster?

  1. Focus on something else
  2. Tell yourself “cancel”. Breathe.
  3. If it is bills causing this anxiety, thank the universe for all of the abundance in your life. Bills are an affirmation that we are prosperous and have the resources to pay them. Think opportunity, Think affirmation. Before I paid my bills online I used to write little thank you blessings or hearts on the memo line of my check.
  4. Remind yourself that other people’s minds or moods have nothing to do with you. It’s their stuff. Don’t take it personally!
  5. Know that you are enough, just as you are.
  6. Sit up straight. Good posture increases oxygen flow into your brain and increases your self confidence.
  7. Breathe. Breathe again. Do it deeply. Breathe in. Now remember to breathe out fully too. Exhale to your fullest capability and get all that crappy muck out. Breathe it out.
  8. If there is something worrying you and you can do something about it then do take action on it. Putting things off only makes us more anxious because it is hanging over us. It is very empowering when we take action on things we have control over and can do something about. However, if it is not something you have any control over, the best thing you can do is just accept that and let it go. Release it. Good riddance, and enjoy your peace. 99.9% of what we worry about does not come true, anyway.
  9. If it all possible, get in the Now. Just be. You are okay just as you are.
  10. Know that this too will pass.
  11. Smile and think of all the good things in your life.
  12. You are enough.
  13. Your are loved.

In peace,

Debra : )

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